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MAHARAJA - Indonesia Ring of Flavor-
Coffee Company.
Producing Specialty Arabica and Fine Robusta Roasted Coffee beans.

Supply Indonesia high Quality ever roasted coffee beans, Roasted by order for Hotel, Cafe, Resto, coffee connoiseurs.

Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee, natural collecting, sustainable, ethical. from preserved in single origin both Arabica and robusta.

Coffee Bean and Roasted Bean supplier:
Single origin indonesia coffee for cafe: Sumatra ( Aceh) Gayo, Mandheling, Sulawesi Toraja, Sulawesi Kalossi, Sulawesi Gowa, Bali Kintamani, 300 years of java, Flores Bajawa, Papua Wamena,
Rakata Robusta, Maharaja Espresso E, espress 50, Koraino ( kopi rakyat) buat Vietnam drip, kopio filter, kopi item dll.

Kopi Luwak Roasted bean:
Exotica Sumatra- high rated classics kopi luwak from sumatra, robusta.
Sumatra Blue Mandheling- Arabica high mountain 1400m+ organic kopi Luwak.
La Javanica - Well known Arabica East Java harvested by Luwak
La Java Bonita - Exotic Luwak Java Robusta, another exotica taste.
Tsunamica gayo --> > Sumatar Green Gayo
Sumatra Green Gayo - Arabica, organic, kopi luwak from central aceh highland
Le Paradiso - Arabica from bali kintamani highland.
Maha Toraja - Later discovered kopi Luwak from south celebes island. ( currently of of stock)

Roasted by professional Roasting Machine, hundred cup tested.
Roast for retail, warung kopi, Cafe, Hotel, Resto, club.etc

kopiraja@ gmail.com
commerce site: www.maharajacoffee.biz

Distributing brands:
Latina, Hario, Kalita, Tiamo, Aerobie, Aeropress, mypressi, Feima, delonghi, Kenwood, Whip-it, Itis, Isis, Koraino, Kofi King, Genesis, Genecafe, GEBE, YAMA, blanco, madin blender, etc.

Coffee Tools suppliers:
Coffee Roaster, Coffee Grinder supplier:
Home Roaster 300gram
Professional roaster ( gas energy) : 500g, 1kg, 4kg. 6 kg, 12 kg, etc.
Grinder: Handy, Home, Esspresso Grinder Cafe Resto grinder, cupping test grinder, lab grinder, mini cafe grinder, Industrial coffee grinder.
Brewer: Syphon, Plunger, vietnam drip, gravity drip, vacum brew, espresso professional machine, Klub Espresso machine, casadio grinder, Welhome espresso, welhome grinder.

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